Hitchcock Family Welfare and the Sunshine Resale Shop


Helping Hitchcock families since 1962

In 1962, a number of people gathered together and created a charter for what is now called Hitchcock Family Welfare.  The Sunshine Shop was created as a resale shop to help support Hitchcock Family Welfare.  Both were located on South Railroad behind the Schanzer’s grocery store.

United Way has helped support Hitchcock Family Welfare and awarded a grant to purchase the land on which the building stands.  The building, a WWII relic, was purchased from the City of Hitchcock for $10.

Most of the funds today come from the United Way, but profits from The Sunshine Shop help towards the upkeep and monthly expenses of Hitchcock Family Welfare and The Sunshine Shop building.

Both Hitchcock Family Welfare and The Sunshine Shop are owned by a board of Directors and is a 509(c)(3) organization.

Donations for The Sunshine Shop are accepted and tax deductions are given upon request.  The Sunshine Shop is open to the public, as well as, to the clients of Hitchcock Family Welfare.

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